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Tuhelj and Tuheljske toplice

At the foot of Cesargradske gore, Tuhelj settled between the colored hills. The name was given by the Old Slavic word "tuhl", meaning the hollow, damp place that is explained in the kajkavian narrative by "tuhtina".

Tuheljske Toplice are known since Roman times; The people called them "smelly warms" (a strong smell of hydrogen sulphide) or "bogey" spa (there were people who were surrounded by poor people). They were the possession of Josip Brigljević, a sage of A. Mihanović, who often stayed with cousins in the castle. The source water temperature is 33 ° C.


Krapinsko-zagorska County

The Krapinsko-zagorska County is located in the northwestern part of the Republic of Croatia and belongs to the area of central Croatia. It is a distinct geographical unit that stretches from the peaks of Macelj and Ivančica in the north to Medvednica in the southeast.

The western border, at the same time state with the Republic of Slovenia, is the river Sutla, and the eastern border is the water catchment area of Krapina and Lonja. This delineated area of the County coincides with the natural region of Donje Zagorje.


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